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Technological complexities often pose significant challenges to project staff. That’s especially true when a number of companies are involved and the technologies run the gamut from hardware subsystems, system and application software and communications infrastructure. In these cases, the difference between success and failure is often a function of detailed minutiae. Correctly addressed and everybody’s happy. One small item overlooked and there’s hell to pay.

Bad requirements or no requirements are definitely not the best way to start any technical project. But most project managers will tell you that you aren’t likely to get your best requirements from your project customer – no matter how certain they may be that they have thoroughly documented everything for you. The problem is, some project customers aren’t even certain they know the right problem or need that the project is going to be addressing for them. In those cases – and that’s often from my experiences – there is no way a project client could have good, detailed requirements waiting for you. They don’t even know the real problem yet…they’ve likely only documented a symptom.

Friday, 20 March 2015 14:17

Agile Teams - The Weakest Link

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I was talking to a fellow coach the other day and she was venting a bit about one of her teams and their Product Owner.

Bob, she said, I have an outstanding agile team. We’ve been working within our product organization for nearly two years. In that time, we’ve delivered an application upgrade that everyone has viewed as simply fantastic. Now we’re onto a building a critical piece of new system functionality for them—so we’ve earned everyone’s confidence in our abilities.