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Friday, 21 August 2015 09:10

Strategies to Keep Your Project On-Track

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As easy as it seems to keep a well-planned project on-track, it isn’t! In working with hundreds of project teams over the course of my career, I’ve found that projects do not fail in formulation; they fail in execution. The best results follow those projects that are well-managed and kept on-track. Results are not just substantial in terms of monetary gain, but are also important to customer satisfaction and loyalty. In today’s Amazon-impacted marketplace, a leg up on the competition can be a vital competitive strategy. What are you doing to ensure success?

Recently we attended a Small Business Leaders conference in Washington, DC. Our speakers included US senators, cabinet secretaries and undersecretaries, under-undersecretaries, and a few associate assistant deputies thrown in for good measure. It wasn’t until one of these associate assistants told us that we were his first group not to be treated to a PowerPoint slide show that we realized that there had not been one PowerPoint slide in two days—no slides, not one bullet point or photo, no multi-media—just words. To be sure, some of the speakers referred to their notes from time to time, but these were people all knowledgeable about issues confronting small businesses in the United States. 

We’re addicted to the search for THE answer to our problems. Good answers aren’t good enough. We want THE answer that will solve a particular problem in every situation. A suite of solutions that can solve the problem most of the time is judged as grossly inadequate.