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Let’s Talk About Awards and Recognition

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to feel appreciated.William James, American psychologist and philosopher All of us have an interest in awards and recognition. Here are some common questions I am asked on the topic and my responses. A portion of this information was derived from my book, Neal Whitten’s Let’s Talk: […]

Choosing Your Goal to Achieve with a Mentor

The best way to learn the application of a profession, to enhance your personal development or to guide your career is with a mentor by your side when needed. Everyone can benefit from a mentor from time to time. When you seek out a mentor, it’s important to already have a personal goal that you […]

Is Overtime an Issue for You?

Working overtime hours can be a testy issue. Let’s look more closely at the subject of overtime. Question From a business perspective, how should overtime work be viewed? Answer Overtime work is often thought of as a safety net to ensure that work—especially committed work—gets done with the sense of urgency required so that the […]

20 Fundamental Truths of Successful Projects

I have been around a long time in the project management profession—longer than most. (Read: Old guy.) I have had some failures and a lot of successes. Listed below are 20 fundamental truths that stand out from my experiences. Although the focus is on the project manager, you will see that many of the lessons […]

Do You Have the Backbone to Negotiate Effectively?

Negotiating is a fundamental skill that you use virtually every day—far more than many people realize. It plays a critical role both in the success of your career and your life outside of work. Every day you negotiate with your co-workers, with businesses, friends and family. For many, negotiating can seem confrontational, intimidating, and frankly […]