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2018 Top 4 Enterprise Project Management Software

Project management software helps to manage small and large projects and ensure project is running on track.

There are many types of project management software packages available that cater to specific sector or area of business. For small projects where task needs to be created to control cost and billing, there are lot of online project management software available on cloud.
But when it comes to medium to large scale project where there is complex project structure and multiple parallel activities need to run, such project require a good enterprise project management system

What is enterprise project management software?

Enterprise project management software is organizational development that supports large organizations and provides tools that are needed to efficiently and integrally manage all the organizational projects at an enterprise and large scale levels. Enterprise project management software are the path of communication, supports and helps the large organizations achieve their goals and objectives and clearly gives a 360 degree view of the projects, so that the projects can be run more smoothly and efficiently.

Why most of the cloud solution cannot support enterprises?

Most of the cloud based solutions are simple to operate and are for freelancers and small business. But when it comes to manage and monitor multiple parallel activities with limited resources typically which are seen in complex engineering, manufacturing or constructions projects, then it would require advanced tools to monitor project.

If you are looking for a PPM methodology of applying project management theory such as Critical Path, Free Float, Total Float etc., you will need an enterprise solutions which are mostly not offered in cloud solution.

Let us see some of the complexities that an enterprise PPM tool helps:

Complex Engineering Activities

Complexities in activities may arise due to dependencies of one activity on others. If any activities gets delayed, it subsequently delays the related activities. Similar complexities may further arise when manager has to decide running parallel activities and which activities needs to be prioritized.

Advanced Gantt chart tools

Have you ever examined about the failure or delay of your project or going above the budget or running out of time. Around 60% of your projects fails or runs over time because of a work breakdown in communication with your team members and stakeholders.

Gantt chart are useful tools to helps you decide the minimum time your project will take for completion, which of your task are first needed to be completed before others can be started. In order to ensure your project run smoothly, you will need tools within Gantt Chart such as:

  1. Task Relationship (Finish to Start, Start to Start etc.)
  2. Lag (Gap in days between 2 task)
  3. Critical Path
  4. Free Float etc.

Complex Resource Management

Resource constraint can have a negative effect and can also be detrimental to your project and its result.

Underutilized and over utilized resources

One of the major problem that every project manager come across is not having a proper idea of the available resources. Without proper resource planning, you will not know whether you are over utilizing your teams or some of them might be ideal. Keeping track of your resources will allow you to make the right use of your resources and their availability.

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Resource Levelling

There is constraint on availability of resources. For example a human resource might be available for 8 hours a day but have been allocated beyond 8 hours. You need a tool to level out the resources across the project so that everyone is occupied at same level.

Physical Progress

In most of the online platform, the only way you keep track of progress is by updating the percentage manually. One of the best tool we have come across is TIEMCHART that lets users to enter the plan Qty / Time and update the progress in Qty / Time. That automatically helps to update the percentage.

Enterprise solutions provides physical progress reports in terms of how much quantity, physically a project has progressed, whether it may be material, assets or other resources.

Question around deadline which cannot be answered by most of the tools

  • Which task is causing delays on the project?
  • What is the projected deadline?

Top 4 Best Enterprise Project Management Software in 2018


MS project management software is the most widely used tools to organized task, duties, and resources in the best and easiest way, in both private and business environments.

It is a subscription based project management software and allows businesses to get running with no up-front infrastructure costs. Companies and organizations can instantly add new users, team and projects instantly through web-based portal. MS project is used to organized task, duties, appointments and also resources in the best and easiest way, in both private and business environments.

Microsoft project has more than 8 million happy and satisfied customers and great user reviews as well. As per, 98% of users are well satisfied using MS Project.


Oracle’s Primavera enterprise project management is the world’s most powerful, flexible and easy to use solution for prioritizing, planning managing, and executing projects. It is a cloud-based project management software solution from Oracle project management professionals and performs with security and scalability.

The biggest plus points of this software are the flexibility and customizability. It can be tuned to suit any industry and it is equally useful. It can schedule and have easy, great reporting features and able to integrate with other programs as well.
Oracle Primavera has more than 5 million happy customers and as per, 95% of users are well satisfied using Primavera.


Tiemchart is considered to be the best web alternative to MS Project or Primavera. It is gaining popularity among large Engineering and Construction Companies that require complex structures to be integrated. With intuitive Gantt chart tools that complies to the Project Management Methodology, it is coming up as the best web based Enterprise Project Management Software

TIEMCHART has been awarded with “Best Functionality Award” from Capterra and gained the position of 2017 Top 20 Upcoming Technology company.


Procore is a cloud-based construction project management software that helps to boost your organizational project accountability by mobilizing and smoothening project documentation. It is a great collaboration tool and enables you to work from anywhere with anyone in real time. This real time data accessibility reduces delays in expenses and the potential risks that may arise during implementing your project.

Procore allows you to create RFIs and submittals, write daily reports, etc. and its centralizing information and documentation keeps all of the information’s together in easy to navigate process.

There are 100,000, people using Procore for their construction business and as per, 99% of users are well satisfied using Procore.

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