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5 Reasons Why Paymo is One of the Most Versatile Project Management Software Tools

In my laser-focused series of 5 reasons to know and try useful project management software, this piece will be featuring Paymo.

Paymo is one of the most versatile project management tools out there, a once standalone time-tracking and invoicing app that has developed into a full-grown work management platform, celebrating its 14-year anniversary now in 2021.

Why should you give Paymo a go?

1. Paymo offers a unique combination of task management, time tracking, and invoicing among others.

It’s a clean and easy-to-adopt work management software for your daily workflow. Paymo has been constantly adding new features that people actually use. It enables you to take your project from the early planning stages down to its closure, and most importantly – to payment. It’s a versatile platform, converging clients, projects, employee timesheets, and invoices into one platform. It offers various tools like Portfolio Gantt Chart, an insightful Dashboard, Team’s Tasks, and many others. If you work in a team, there’s a team scheduling module that tackles the frustration of under and overbookings.

All in all, it’s convenient, it’s seamless and cost-effective. You want a work management solution that integrates smoothly without having to pay for third-party apps and tools.

2.Paymo is at your fingertips on all platforms

Speaking of versatile project management software, Paymo users have all the options they want when working on their projects, remote or not. Whether you are a manager, team member, or freelancer, Paymo is available on the web, desktop (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), and smartphone/tablet (iOS, Android). Paymo Plus, the automatic time tracking solution, is available   All you need is an Internet connection.

What’s more, Paymo integrates with dozens of third-party applications, such as Google Apps, Zapier, Adobe CC, Slack, and plenty others. This way, Paymo users can automate their workflow even more to facilitate their work.


3. Paymo takes time tracking to the next level

Paymo covers multiple native time tracking methods – a web timer, a desktop widget, a mobile time tracker, and an automatic time tracker for your desktop. With a few simple clicks, users can take all their time entries and turn them into time reports, timesheets, and invoices in order to get paid fairly. If someone’s a big fan of automation, Paymo Plus’ automatic tracker allows them to pair any time entry with related tasks in Paymo. Users simply have to leave Paymo Plus running in the background and clock out at the end of the day. They can create rules to pair and delete entries for yet another boost in automation.

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4. Paymo’s mobile app is a powerhouse in itself

Paymo outdid itself by taking its former basic time tracking app and turning it into a full-fledged mobile app that has a clear competitive edge. It boasts advanced functionality, such as task management (task details, project updates, global search), timesheets, time tracking, and active timers. Its latest upgrade is mobile invoicing. So, besides creating, previewing, and sending out invoices, users can organize their project expenses neatly in Paymo.

With a few taps and quick actions, users manage their projects and clients on the go, communicate in real-time, track their time, and turn timesheets into invoices. Paymo enables them to choose between 85+ currencies when billing their clients, and 15 language templates that are highly customizable.

5. Paymo is available in 22 languages

Speaking of languages, miscommunication is a hassle in your mother tongue, let alone a second or third language. This is why Paymo is available in 22 languages and constantly growing, trusted by more than 150,000 agencies, firms, universities, consultants, and freelancers from more than 100 countries worldwide. Using Paymo, users won’t have language barriers stopping them from working on multiple projects with collaborators (and clients!) from all over the world.

Brad Egeland

Brad Egeland is a Business Solution Designer and IT/PM consultant and author with over 25 years of software development, management, and project management experience leading initiatives in Manufacturing, Government Contracting, Creative Design, Gaming and Hospitality, Retail Operations, Aviation and Airline, Pharmaceutical, Start-ups, Healthcare, Higher Education, Non-profit, High-Tech, Engineering and general IT. He has been named the “#1 Provider of Project Management Content in the World” with over 7,000 published articles, eBooks, white papers and videos. Brad is married, a father of 11, and living in sunny Las Vegas, NV. Visit Brad's site at