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5 Reasons Why TeamHeadquarters Will Organize and Simplify Your Project Delivery Service

In this next instalment of my exclusive “5 Reasons Why…: series I am doing an overview of 5 reasons why you should be looking over Entry’s TeamHeadquarters platform to organize your project delivery process. Let’s examine what you can do for your project teams and organization…

Plan, execute, and monitor projects from anywhere

Simply create and manage full scale IT projects with the TeamHeadquarters project management system. Monitor task delivery results in real time and effectively communicate important updates with the project team, sponsors, and senior management. Visual dashboards provide the insight required to identify what tasks impede the project timeline.  Always have up-to-date information at your fingertips to help with timely decision making.


Manage project requests using the customer portal

IT departments often don’t have a formal process to receive, analyze, and approve project requests. Using the TeamHeadquarters project request forms provides a simple and effective way to manage the project request lifecycle from inception to delivery utilizing the service ticketing feature. Effectively communicate your customer’s project needs with your required decision makers.

Project forms also help the guide your customers to assist them when determining what project information they are required to submit in order to process a project request and ensure the project analysists have the ability to deliver quicker turn-around times.


Understand what IT support requests are causing project delays

Project resources are often called upon to support the IT team. It’s inevitable that support will be required during and after the project rollout phase. These interruptions often create delays to project task timelines. The TeamHeadquarters integrated help desk ticketing system enables the resources to provide support and report activity to better understand and communicate project delays.


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Historical reports identify what support items and project tasks were worked on, how many hours were consumed including specific dates, and comments made by the support personnel and customers. This provides the evidence for the project managers to defend project timeline delays. Project managers will have the confidence to properly communicate project delays and reference specific documents events within a single system.


Deliver repeatable service projects with the ticketing system and project task import

Repeatable service projects often consume considerable IT resource capacity. These service projects typically have a handful of predictable tasks and can be templated to streamline the projects. TeamHeadquarters ticket templates provides a simple way to initiate and deliver small service projects.

TeamHeadquarters also provides the ability to import a Microsoft Project plan and include the resources assigned to the tasks. This provides our customers the flexibility to create an unlimited list of task templates for multiple project types. As simple file import sets up your project in seconds. Once imported you can begin adjusting or adding tasks at will and monitor the progress in real-time.


Manage project and task calendar availability

Tasks are traditionally assigned with hour estimates, start and due dates, and assigned resources. Project systems often lack the ability to add these assignments to a calendar. TeamHeadquarters provides simple task calendaring and seamless synchronization with your Outlook calendar.

Team Members will now have a complete view of all calendar events including tasks and support ticket when viewing the TeamHeadquarters calendar or their Outlook calendar. To make things easier, project tasks, service tickets, and projects can be edited directly from the TeamHeadquarters calendar. No more double booking.


Get a complete overview of TeamHeadquarters here.

Brad Egeland

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