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Are You a Better Person Today?

I write for Project Times once a month. Since the last time, I have started new projects, spoken to several new prospective clients, written a couple of articles and prepared for several speaking assignments. I have attended three industry events and a specialty seminar in London (UK). I have read two fiction books and two books related to my specialty. I have moved my house, got together with friends (several times) and enjoyed quality time with my family. Casting my mind back 30 days, I find that I am better today than I was then, for myself, for my clients and for my loved ones.
How have you improved yourself, professionally, since we last spoke?

Have you developed a better understanding of your current industry? Have you sat down for a coffee with a subject matter expert to tease out the precious tidbits of knowledge we all are happy to share, when prompted?

Are you a better communicator today? Have you picked up, or developed yourself, some dramatically useful visual aids or templates. Have you learned to project yourself? To listen to others?

Have you made a concerted effort to understand the strategy of the organization? Have you determined how your project or project portfolio fits into it? For Pete’s sake, don’t tell me it’s not your job!

You might have improved your business acumen by delving in to the world of finance and taking your skills to the next level from the basic understanding of financial statements. Financial language is what the business speaks, and a project manager who can’t is at a great disadvantage. In fact, not being able to converse with a CFO is often a career-limiting move.

How many times have you had a lunch with your project sponsor? What is more important for your project than developing a solid, trusting relationship with him or her?

Have you attended an industry event, read a specialty book and stayed on top of current trends? Have you given back to the profession by mentoring a colleague, delivering a presentation or writing an article?

If you haven’t, where are you heading?

Special announcement: I hope we can meet at ProjectWorld in Toronto. My presentation on Healthcare projects is at 3:45pm on April 16, and I am a panelist in a discussion on whether one size of PMO fits all settings, on April 17.

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