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Are You Ready To Follow These 5 Project Management Trends Of 2019

Project management has a very important role within any organization as it facilitates its internal processes through delegation.

Project managers are involved in substantial decision-making practices within a business, providing helpful guidelines and goal-based solutions for any occurring problem. Some of the most common roles of a project manager are resource planning, team organization and motivation, time-management control, budget development and cost estimation, customer-satisfaction development, risk management, and progress tracking.

There are several ways in which a project manager could help a business grow relatively fast – however, we must be realistic: drastic changes require intensive hard-work and commitment, so don’t expect this operation to be easy. To get a gist of how much of an impact a project management team could have on a company, I developed a brief list of essential points in which PM can affect the business development.

  • Improving project estimation techniques
  • Understanding a company’s true resource competencies
  • Learning how to prioritize just the right projects
  • Mapping out a clear and well-defined business plan
  • Planning business projects mindfully
  • Optimizing resources fairly
  • Gaining real time visibility
  • Developing budget-improvement plans
  • Improving service/product delivery
  • Facilitating team collaboration
  • Minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency
  • Measure productivity and progress
  • Improving cash flow
  • Producing clearer management reports

Since project managers are essential parts of any organization, let’s look into the newest trends emerging in 2019 and apply the concepts! Let me clarify that this article has not been exclusively written for project managers. Even if you are not part of a project management team, you could still bring about valuable changes in your company using the following ideas!

1. Automation-expansion and softer skills

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming the leading technology as the fourth industrial revolution emerges. There are many useful AI algorithms that provide improved customer care and better real-time services, as well as superior marketplace conditions. Automation may or may not replace you (probably won’t in the next five years at least), but you’d better make friends with it if you want to succeed in this field. “AI boots could plan better portfolios, relocate resources more efficiently and systematically, and even carry out objective reporting, so it’s important that you embrace the future technological changes,” admits Gregory Schmitt, director at Australian Writings.

More complex projects will probably be handed to AI-machines, which will solve problems quickly and improve the overall decision-making process with one’s company. As automation expanses, improving softer skills becomes crucial for project managers. Building meaningful relationships with clients should be your primal focus but learning how to make proper use of AI boots is very important as well.

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2. Expanded reliability on digital gigs and remote work

Entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly interested in hiring remotely and expand their trust in digital gigs and offers. The benefits for employees are exquisite! According to statistics from TECLA, an IT company, remote workers can save around $7,000 per year on average as remote workers. Besides the financial part, being a remote worker offer project managers a more flexible schedule and therefore, an increased ability to perform well on the job.

If you are thinking of pursuing an online job in the upcoming year, here are some tips that might help you stay on top of your work. First, make sure you check on your clients constantly and keep track of their work. Don’t hesitate to keep them accountable for personal updates – checking their status is perfectly normal. You might need to use online collaboration tools to facilitate your communication processes. Check out the last point for valuale resources.

3. A shift in methodologies and the hybrid model

You could use Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Prince2, PMI’s, or Kanban separately to get assignment help and make your company deliver whatever is necessary, whenever it’s necessary…. or you could use the hybrid methodology, a combination of your favorite project management methodologies and facilitate your work. The impact of using this technique might seem less relevant than it is, but don’t let yourself tricked! By using the hybrid model, you are able to bring everything on your plate to the table and work on developing efficiency.

Tip: one of my favorite approaches is combing the traditional and agile methodologies – this is how I personally get the best of both worlds, but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Test the waters to see what you prefer and get started now! New trends are ready for you.

4. An increased focus on numbers

Analyzing data is one of the most important key activities in almost any PM project. With such big chunks of information available, companies will rely more on numbers and less on other available data, so make sure you understand this! For example, assessing risk using this method is not something unusual, while determining customer needs based on numbers is quite typical as well.

So, the question is, what should you do about it? First, don’t panic. I know this is a lot to take in but as long as you are familiar with the upcoming trends, there is no way your job will be at risk. Second, you should definitely adapt to the changes and learn how to love number! Start by incorporating data analysis into your own processes, stay updated and informed on the new tools available, and last but not least, start working with this data effectively.

5. Better use of project management tools and resources

“Project management tools have long been an important part of a PM’s job, but with quickly-evolving technologies and fast-expanding global market, you must learn how to use the latest ones available on the market if you want to see adequate results,” writes Assignment Geek specialist, Carolina Jackson.

Here are some ways in which these tools will help you and your company kill your competition!

  • You’ll be able to plan out projects easier and faster using Smartsheet
  • You can track and schedule meetings, events, deadlines, etc. using
  • You need tools to enhance collaboration (especially if you are working remotely) and help you share info with your collaborators/employers; one of the best tools for this job is Wrike
  • To meet deadlines but also plan budgets, use Mavenlink
  • To track your team’s goals and develop resource planning, use Jira!


These new trends are not everything that matters in 2019. They will definitely have a huge impact on how companies do business and how project managers are perceived, but make sure you stay confident in your abilities. You matter as much as AI does; without humans, AI would not work, would it? In a nutshell, learn automation processes and check where you can make a difference, learn the new hybrid model, use available online tools for planning (and all the above), and accept the changes that come with an open mentality!

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