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Free Online Glossary for Project Managers

Arlington, VA – For busy project managers and business analysts, looking up key terms, phrases and acronyms quickly and easily, just became easier. ESI International has announced the launch of a free Online Glossary. Using as a base the successful Dictionary of Project Management Terms by J. LeRoy Ward, PMP, PgMP, Executive Vice President at ESI International, this online reference tool makes the popular book’s definitions of more than 3,400 terms available from any web-enabled device.

“LeRoy Ward proves himself to be the Noah Webster of project management,” stated Carl Pritchard, PMP, EVP, Principal, Pritchard Management Associates in Frederick , Md. , and a world-renowned author and consultant in project management. “He provides a comprehensive, clear, incisive assessment of the body of terms in project management, rich with both technical and idiomatic terms.”

The online glossary covers traditional project management terms, acronyms and organizations, as well as broader business terms. Later this year, ESI will expand the tool to include business analysis terms for both requirements development and management as well as project management professionals.

With this free tool, seasoned practitioners and managers, as well as their successors, will be better equipped to navigate the ubiquitous language of project-speak. “The larger the field, the more terms are needed to operate within it,” said Ward. “Adding an online element for PM and BA terms was a natural extension for speed, convenience and ongoing relevance.”

The Online Glossary can be accessed free at


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