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Making Sure that the Medium and the Message are in Synch

Editor’s Comments

“I want it yesterday,” is the clarion call of harried managers everywhere, pressed to deliver on time. Anyone who works from a home office or on the road knows the importance of the right tools and ground rules to let them work effectively. In her article, Virtual Velocity; Effective Project Management Gives Virtual Teams the Edge, Michelle LaBrosse gives us some pointers on how to put the communication tools and work culture together to reap the rewards of the virtual workforce, and bring projects to successful conclusions.

It’s also the cry of many project sponsors, who invariably throw in a couple of other requirements – that it be within scope and budget. But as Alan Koch reminds us in Negotiating the Triple Constraints, scope, cost and budget must be balanced to achieve project success. He also makes the point that many project sponsors either don’t know about the triple constraints, or don’t care….”I want it yesterday, come hell or high water!” It’s only later that the realities of scope, cost and time sink in.

On the blog front, Ilya Bogorad addresses what he describes as the most serious issue with project management today: The pointless project done well. Some of the most valuable resources a company can put together are wasted with the best of intentions. David Barrett discusses Project Management for the Masses, pointing out that there are many part time PMs out there who find the professional project management world intimidating, and he offers some help on how to adapt it to smaller projects. In his blog. Claude Emond talks about the importance of the project vision and regrets that many project managers he’s met dismiss it out of hand. Find out more in Vroom and the “Capability Principle.”

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