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Project Management and Service Leadership Podcasts

Supplement your personal and professional development by listening to quality podcasts

Many project managers find podcasts to be a great use of their windshield time as they drive from client to client or sit in commuter traffic. Similar to the rise and appeal of audio books, podcasts can be a great way to expand your mind while going about your everyday tasks. Those who are looking to grow their career, elevate their leadership skills or encourage their teams, may be asking, “What podcasts can speak to project management professionals?”

We are glad you asked, and we hope to help you answer that question with the content of this article. Enclosed is a list of the podcasts that we are aware of that provide value for project management professionals with guests who have seen a thing or two and can help challenge, encourage and inspire your growth.

Blue Collar Nation Podcast

Eric “The Tech Whisperer” Sprague and Larry “Pineapple Man” Wilberton built their construction business from scratch, learned their leadership lessons the hard way and were able to sell their company at a profit. They now focus their efforts on helping business owners and company leaders with the pillars of success that they learned while in the trenches of their organization. In addition to their Blue Collar Nation Podcast, they offer Morning Tech Meeting and have recently started Blue Collar Nation Radio which is a 24/7 collection of content for service based businesses.

Recent Guests on BCNP include:

  • Former Shamrock office manager, Lesley Barragan, who started with no industry experience and has gone on to build a thriving career
  • Jon Isaacson from The DYOJO Podcast was a recent guest
  • The pain of entrepreneurship with Eric and Larry

The GMS Podcast

You would be hard pressed to find a person in the service industry who doesn’t like Gerrett Stier. Mr. Stier started out working in his family electrical construction company when he found a need in the property restoration industry for temporary power distribution boxes. He launched his business, GMS Distribution, in the middle of the 2008 recession and hasn’t looked back. He recently launched The GMS Podcast and his genuine interest in grasping the unique services that his guests provide makes for a great discussion.

Recent guests on TGP include:

  • Michelle Blevins, the editor in chief of Restoration and Remediation Magazine (R&R)
  • Ben Justesen of Enlightened Restoration Solutions and Just Right Cleaning and Construction (JRCC)
  • Jeff Cross, Editorial Director of ISSA Media and the host of Straight Talk

The DYOJO Podcast

This podcast attempts to bridge that gap between information and entertainment, what Jon “The Intentional Restorer” Isaacson call infotainment. The DYOJO Podcast, which is the DO Your Job Dojo, brings entertaining and inspiring guests who will help you laugh and learn as you shorten your learning curve for leading service teams in any industry. Host Jon Isaacson is mediocre at best, but at least he tries and we are all surprised at the depth of quality guests he is able to attract for this video and audio experience.

Recent guests on TDP include:

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Flip this Risk

Dr. Karen Hardy “The Risk Management Story Teller” discusses, “The human factor of risk taking and how it influences our business and personal achievements.” Dr. Hardy has committed her professional career towards helping millions break free from the crippling fears of risk by using creative problem solving methods and brings her years of experience and achievement to her podcast. 

Recent guests on FTR include:

  • Nick Nanton, attorney and CEO of the DNA Agency
  • Nancy Potok, former Chief Statistician for the U.S. and COO for the Census Bureau
  • 5 risk management tips for protecting your organization from reputational harm 

Straight Talk

Straight Talk is a webcast from Jeff Cross, the editorial director of ISAA Media which also produces Cleanfax as well as Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine. Straight Talk will dig into industry issues, providing how-to tips, marketing and management advice, news, trending topics, and more.

Recent guests on ST include:

Pro vs. Joe Podcast  

Pro vs. Joe is a podcast within a podcast from The DYOJO Podcast. Bryan Close, The Joe, is not new to construction but their company All American Real Estate Services (Tacoma, WA) is pivoting to focus a significant portion of their business in water and fire damage repairs. He is new to the nuances of the industry and reached out to Jon Isaacson, The Pro, of The DYOJO, to assist him and his partner Brandon through this process of change and growth. For those new to the industry, you will receive a crash course in building your business. ​For those who have been in the industry for sometime, you will find that the conversation re-ignites your passion for the good work that our teams do day-in and day-out.

Recent topics on PVJ include:

  • PVJ 004 Motivating your team with vision
  • PVJ 003 The growing pains of a young business
  • PVJ 002 Powering up with good partnerships
  • PVJ 001 Branding fails and networking

So many great tools at such a great price (free)

Keep listening, growing and being intentional. Wherever you are at in your career, it is awesome to know there are peers who are sharing their knowledge to help you chart your path. Please, share your favorite podcasts to listen to for leadership development, business growth and property restoration via our website or on instagram @theDYOJO as we would enjoy expanding our playlist.

If you listen to any of these great podcasts, be sure to help them out by subscribing, writing a review and sharing on your social media accounts. Keep doing good things and keep an eye out for my soon to be released book, Be Intentional: Estimating which will be a compilation of content related to building the right mindset and habits for success at any level within the property restoration, construction and insurance claims professions. 

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