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Author: Anthony Stevens

Here are Useful Excel Templates for Better Project Management

Anybody who has ever managed a project will tell you that it’s a very challenging undertaking.

If seasoned project managers still get overwhelmed at the weight and scope of their responsibility, can you imagine how it is for first-timers?

Thankfully, things are less of a hassle now because there’s Excel! What’s even better is that there are project management templates out there that you can just download, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Here are our top picks of Excel templates that you might find useful on your next project management task.

Kanban Board Template (vertex42)

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work to do and the list of competing priorities when managing a project. Thankfully, there’s a template that will allow you and your team to work collaboratively and keep track of each other’s progress.

The Kanban board is a widely-used collaborative tool among teams. Members can add cards or sticky notes on the board to notify and update the others of the tasks on their plates. The Kanban Board Template by vertex42 works the same way but with a twist.

Instead of pinning notes or cards, the template makes use of Excel rows that you can freely move around and add details to as specific tasks progress. You can even color-code them according to stages of completion, so they look fun!

Use the Kanban Board with Microsoft OneDrive so the rest of your team can access and update it remotely.

Monthly Project Budgeting Template (vertex42)

One of the most crucial aspects of project management is managing a budget. Sure, there are elaborate budget management software out there, but unless it’s a multi-million-dollar project in the works, you probably don’t need them. A good Excel template should be enough.

The great thing about this budgeting template from vertx42 is that you can accurately track and predict the costs of different kinds of projects. The template allows you to input monthly expenses and income — if any. You can also delete, adjust, and customize the cells to accommodate projects of varying lengths. It’s an all-in-one budget management solution for all sorts of small and medium scale projects.

Earned Value Management Template (vertex42)

Managing your budget is one thing; measuring a project’s performance metrics is another – and that’s where the EVM template comes in handy. With the EVM template, you can easily compare your costs and your budget, and check how they fare against your project schedule.

Project managers will find this template extremely useful in identifying problems early on and anticipating costs in relation to the current rate of progress. Use the EVM template with the Gantt chart for a smoother and more efficient project management journey.

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Gantt Chart Template (vertex42)

Gantt charts have made a name for themselves in the project management sphere. That said, these easy-to-use-and-update charts can be one of your best allies when managing a project.

The Gantt chart template from vertex42 will help you organize and track every phase of the project. You can customize it to contain details such as project time frames and milestones. Also, every milestone can include subtasks and the names of team members they are assigned to. This makes it’s easier to check progress and backlogs and know who’s accountable for each stage of the process.

The template is especially useful when you’re dealing with bigger and more complex projects with plenty of co-dependent tasks. The Gantt chart is a simple tool that is effective at keeping everyone in the loop.

Issue Tracking Template (ProjectManager)

No matter how well you plan a project, there’s always the possibility of issues and mishaps popping out every so often. These things are inevitable, but what’s crucial is that you detect and resolve them early on so that they don’t develop into more complicated problems and cause unwanted delays.

While some people think that an Issue Tracking Template is unnecessary, it can be a tremendous help in ensuring that concerns are not left unnoticed. With a tool like this to help you oversee things, you spot problems faster and figure out how to solve them as soon as possible.

Use this template to encourage your team to voice out any issues they discover in the project before they fall through the cracks.

KPI Tracking Template (Smartsheet)

The KPI tracking template is another useful Excel file that you can use to gauge how things are going and how well your team is performing against deadlines and milestones. The template will let you know if you’re hitting or missing the mark at every stage of the project.

You can use the KPI dashboard to track vital data points and then conveniently share the metrics and reports with your team for assessment. With this tracking template, you can examine, evaluate, and change your processes and strategies to maximize business performance.

Many project managers still rely on the traditional/ pen-and-paper methods of project management, but you can’t deny that using these templates makes the job infinitely more efficient. Whether you’re handling a small or large-scale project, you can count on Excel to ease the burden.