Author: Dana Brownlee

Get Your Project Team Back on Track – Use a Team Charter

As a corporate trainer and leadership coach, I often consult with team leaders and executives who are at their wit’s end

– completely frustrated with team members who seem to make their own rules, don’t deliver as promised, misunderstand or misinterpret tasks/requests, complain about unclear priorities, etc. If that’s you, the good news is that YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

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Particularly in the early stages of team development (and unfortunately often during later stages as well), team leaders struggle with dysfunctional teams who simply aren’t “on the same page”. My consulting experience has proved time and time again that the factors contributing to this dysfunction are definitely multifactorial (wrong skills sets on the team, poor leadership or lacking executive support, broken processes, confusing policy decisions, constant change, or poor organizational communications are just a few of the common culprits). Because the causes of dysfunction are often varied, there is rarely one silver bullet solution; however, I have found one secret that seems to ameliorate many of these issues and has worked successfully time and time again….the Team Charter. If your team doesn’t have one, it’s like a ship sailing without a rudder and don’t be surprised if you soon find yourself off course or as I often say…feeling like