Author: Josh Carlyle

How to Manage Several Priorities while Working on Multiple Projects

Knowing how to juggle is a vital skill not only reserved for circus clowns.

In today’s world, things can get thrown at you in a New York minute – often having deadlines of yesterday. To get ahead, you often have to make tough decisions under an immense amount of pressure. When it comes to managing multiple projects, how do you know when to turn left or right? We’ve discovered the secrets to setting priorities while working on multiple projects.

Senior management is responsible for setting priorities

The first tip: if senior management makes a decision, stick with it. You may have a perspective of what is important in your projects, but company leadership has a much larger scope to understand what is best for the company. This is particularly difficult when you know first hand that a client has a different perspective. Being prepared for change management is essential to keep on track. In these cases, follow the guidance of your superiors to protect yourself from any consequences if deadlines aren’t met.

Build a strong team you trust

The purpose of having a team is to have an array of skills at your project’s disposal. And knowing who to delegate tasks to is critical to have a functional team. When it comes to project prioritization, if you have to micro-manage, you are taking time away from other tasks. An effective manager should be able to inform their team about what needs to be done and have confidence they’ll do it correctly. The same goes to students. If you’re having a tough time on a subject, reach out to a professional in the subject area and ask them to write my essay so you can better apply your skills to the courses you excel at.

The best managers are able to assess the capabilities of their resources and apply them in an efficient manner for optimal results. When tasked with multiple projects, a skilled manager will immediately be able to spot problem areas and potential bottlenecks, so knowing who is w