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Peter Stumpf

Peter Stumpf

Over the last 23 years, I have actively developed and managed solutions to risks and problems experienced by Canadian industries in areas of power transmission, automated manufacturing, fuel economy and preventing malfunctions in industrial equipment and processes.

> My purpose has been to develop the professional skills of project stakeholders to ethically and professionally manage risks that can catastrophically impact human life, property and our environment.

> Lessons learned provided in this seminar stem from my previous experiences in identifying, escalating and managing the resolution of industrial risks.

> Risk management has been a natural professional requirement for me when managing engineering, project and business initiatives which has been substantiated by my professional achievements as professional engineer and project manager as well as by several publications which I authored on this subject matter.

> I am promoting professional and ethical work in engineering and project management with local chapters of the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO, since 1997), Professional Engineers of Manitoba (APEGM, since 1996), Project Management Institute (PMI, since 2007) and Canadian Project Management Association (PMAC-AGPC, since 2015).

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