Tom Flynn

Tom Flynn

As an organizational co-founder and executive leader, Tom has initiated and spearheaded the development of the Program and Project Management Division which helped transform AMS into its current position as a leader in the Project Management, Consulting, and Training industry. Tom’s general business prowess and experience has also been instrumental in supporting all of the firm’s strategic initiatives across its vertical competencies. Tom’s leadership has helped craft the mission and vision upon which AMS has continued to succeed.

Tom has personally overseen and collaborated with his team on many of the firm’s global initiatives, such as: team development and Project Management standards for the Pfizer/Pharmacia global merger in the US, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, India, and Sweden; contract performance intervention with Curtiss Wright – Westinghouse – China State Nuclear Power Technology Center in Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, and Harvin; US compliance measurements via standardized process being implemented at Petrobras in Brazil (Rio De Janiero and Sao Paulo); organizational re-alignment and professional development curriculum for Munters Global (Sweden, London, China, Belgium and Germany); and a global product development, roll-out, and organizational re-alignment for Valspar in the US, China, and Brazil.

Tom has been deeply involved in Japanese martial and cultural arts for 40 plus years (as a practitioner and international organization leader). His close work with, and representation of, Japanese businesses and organizations has enhanced his cultural understanding as well as his personal and professional effectiveness.

Tom’s unique and engaging style brings a sense of urgency and realism to his global training and consulting projects. His diverse experience allows him to offer realistic insights and solutions to the everyday problems facing executives, leaders, and team members. Prior to AMS, Tom was a spirited entrepreneur founding and operating several construction and engineering firms, as well as participating in large scale real-estate development projects. Additionally, Tom oversaw multi-hundred million dollar capital projects for companies expanding into metro markets.

A recognized subject matter expert in the field of human development, Tom currently works with a wide range of C-level clients in formal coaching and mentoring programs. His experience and training in the behavioral psychology field has helped him develop a keen intuitive sense and a direct approach which cuts across the normal reactive roadblocks to create effective and lasting solutions.

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