Friday, 10 August 2007 06:45

Greetings from Down Under!!

Written by David Barrett

Wow – that was a long flight! But well worth it. If you live in Australia- good on ya mate! If you have never been – you must – it is beautiful.

While I was there to run our new event for BAs in Sydney and Melbourne I came into full contact with the project management community there.

And I am pleased to say that project management is alive and kicking in Australia – no less than two major events for PMs a year, thriving PMI chapters and another very large association for PMs called the AIPM.

There really were no surprises. The growth of the associations is being driven the financial sectors, the telcos and the government. The managers running large capitol projects keep to themselves and the young and the restless PMs attend every possible event they can afford to.

The project office flourishes, there are numerous options for quality education for PMs, portfolio management is the buzz and they realize that a successful project needs a good BA!

The only problem for me… they drive on the left side of the road!

By the way, Sydney will host the Asia-Pacific PMI World Congress in March, 2008. This will draw a great crowd from far and wide!

Next stop.. India!

We have a wonderful model for project management and business analysis events are want to be everywhere!!!

Does anyone out there have any connections in India to help us out?

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