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Why Partner with PM Times?

Our Brand
PM Times is the leading digital platform for Project Managers seeking the latest in education, training, certification, software tools, career advancement, and consultation services. Connect with a specialized audience eager for solutions to enhance their professional journey.

Elite Audience
Access our premium B2B database featuring professionals from top-tier organizations worldwide. Ensure your brand resonates with a highly qualified and engaged audience, ready to explore your offerings.

Customized Campaigns
Leverage our expertise to craft advertising solutions tailored to your goals. From microsites, banner ads, and e-newsletters to the opportunity to showcase your whitepapers, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your brand’s visibility and impact.

Amplify Your Brand with Us

PMTimes advertising offers:

Expansive Reach
44,000+ Newsletter Subscribers: Position your brand front and center in the minds of project management professionals.
26,000+ Monthly Website Visits: Benefit from high traffic to our site, ensuring your message reaches a broad but targeted audience.

Precision Targeting
Segment your advertising campaigns with unparalleled precision—target by title, location, interests, purchasing role, professional level, industry, or company size. Tailor your message to the audience most likely to engage and convert.

Sustained Lead Generation
Opt for our flexible advertising plans to keep your sales pipeline vibrant and flowing. Whether you seek constant engagement or periodic visibility, we have the solutions to meet your needs.

Content That Converts
Transform your content into a magnet for qualified leads. Repurpose and recycle your existing assets to captivate and engage with our professional audience, turning insights into action.

Our Sister Site
Discover the synergies between PM Times and our sister site, BA Times—doubling your reach and impact within the professional community.

Contact us for information on pricing and availability. Bob Macgregor, Digital Sales – Cell: +1 (416) 540-9806

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