Thursday, 03 July 2008 04:45

Time to Kick Back, Take It Easy

Written by David Barrett

The summer is finally here! This is the time of the year that I try to relax – but I do find it difficult.

This is the time of the year that I plan, meet and regroup. I schedule all my team meetings for the summer months (working around everyone’s holidays) and review the past, look at the current status of work in progress and plan or re-plan the next few months.

I must admit that I do not punch a clock like many of our readers, so I am able to take a few liberties but regardless, for many this is a quiet time and thus a perfect time to regroup.

The team meetings …what did we say a year ago and what really happened? We spend time looking ahead: the business plans, the schedules and the work that is giving us trouble. And we have some fun so there is some team building in there as well.

The planning… where are we going? Is the plan realistic? Are we equipped? Do we have enough time? There is no doubt that we see this as a luxury that we will not have available in the fall – so we appreciate the opportunity.

The re-group …this is where I air some dirty laundry – get the junk out and over with. Do we need to re-jig the team slightly? Are there some weak points? Are we vulnerable in any way? This is the time to go over it all.

And ...I take the time to build my forecasts and start my budget process. This may not be the right time of the year for this for some of you, but it may be a good time to look over the plan you set months earlier.

This is a great time of the year for me. I come out of the summer rejuvenated, prepared and re-scheduled. I have a team that thinks I get it. I have a to-do list longer than ever, but that’s alright. I panic when I am out of control. No more panic. I am in total control by the end of the summer.

By the way, I said I took liberties. All of August on my island in Georgian Bay. The wonders of High Speed Internet via satellite!

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