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We know that the active and sustained participation of a project’s decision-makers is the primary contributor to project success. Even Project Management Institute (PMI) research reveals “that having actively engaged executive sponsors is the top driver of project success.” So what does it mean to have actively engaged executives and how does one ensure that their project’s decision-makers are, in fact, actively engaged? Measure their level of satisfaction, of course!

What does swearing, kissing, chewing gum and eating garlic all have in common? Well, apparently they are just some of the more unusual ways you can quickly reduce your stress levels.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015 12:34

Let’s Take a Drive to Delphi!

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Mention Delphi method to anyone who has passed their PMP certification exam and you will likely be told that it’s an information gathering technique used to gain consensus from a group of experts. Press for more information and you’ll hear that it involves anonymous submission of initial feedback. All true, but that is like saying that a rose is just a flowering plant!