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Best Project Management Software

Teams who have to handle multiple projects at a time they don’t really rely on human memory in order to keep them in organized altogether.

And if you try to load them all together on email is a key ingredient of productivity disaster. In order to deliver quality projects within budget plus on time, then the team need to write down the information, share documents and plot deadlines. To achieve this goal, it is necessary for every member of teams to be in continuous communication with one another. When a team needs to get serious about managing projects, then the proficient way is to use project management software. The reason behind is that the traditional methods of project management is not good enough and became an old method of time. No one has enough time to spend it on typing information into spreadsheets, recording meeting minutes on paper and use word processing software to compile notes.

There are tons of project management tools available on the nexus of the internet that have the ability to change the difficulties of managing projects by organizing the projects far simpler. However, through project management, you can keep track of your entire project. They can let you perform dozens of useful things like creating a tractable to-do list, delegating a task and accessing progress reports all can be easily done by a single piece of software.

Project management software helps the project team to meet the railroad of the client’s requirements and manage time, scope constraint and budget. However, with so many tasks to perform, choosing the right tool can be difficult and confusing and people may not know where to start. Whether small or medium-sized businesses both are using online project management software. The online type of software uses cloud-based technology and these are offered by application service providers which are software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Best project management software

For two decades, these applications have been growing their functions and crossing edge with their combination of features and these confuse even more the user’s selection process. If you are wondering or planning to use project management software among your employees the below project management software are a great option to look, these softwares are valuable in completing any kind of projects.


Jira is an agile-based project management software used by development teams to plan, track, and manage software. It is the most popular tools in the software industry, which is designed specifically with the intent to use by agile teams. Besides, from creating stories, tracking issues, shipping up-to-date software and planning sprints, users can also generate a report in order to get help to improve teams and create their own workflows.


Proworkflow is a web-based project management software that allows users to manage projects and tasks, track time, generate a report and organize contacts for their business. However, it is a productivity-based application that provides a brief set of features. It is easy to use for all team members. Besides the excellent functionality and tools from the software, even client can enjoy free quality support through training and consultations that will in return help get businesses up and running.

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Office timeline

Office timeline is basically a PowerPoint add-in that enables users to create Gantt charts and professional-looking timelines easily. Frequently, projects plan gets updated because of a variety of aspects. However, it sometimes becomes confusing to work on project planning software, especially when what needs to be presented are only the important milestones and timelines. Spreadsheets are easy to use, but it doesn’t deliver the right visuals for good presentation. Now, through offline timeline there is an easier way to create impressive charts and timelines using familiar software.

Zoho projects App

Zoho projects is not a software, but it is an online project management application whose main goal is to help users to plan projects, keep track time to time, collaborate with clients and team members, manage documents and generate reports and charts. This is a part of a Zoho business suite. Users work on a main platform where they can easily keep track of their project or task progress, can communicate easily, discuss ideas and stay updated. It is highly accessible because it is cloud-based where data of users is kept safe with a strict security system. This software itself is also scalable depending on the abundance of projects with the given choice to add more features.


It is a web-based project management where it first organized the team and then gets projects done on time and on budget. It is time to ditch old cluttered spreadsheets and attach the power of web-based project management. However, you just need the team to help you get the job done.


AceProject is also a web-based project which tract software in order to help manage projects from start to end. However, it is a complete project management solution for persons, for entire teams and even for enterprises who need to control their important workflows and leave nothing to chance. AceProject provides the options for projects to remain on time and on budget via its time and expense tracking features. Entering time is easy and it is almost automated and convenient with a time clock. With a project dashboard feature in it, users can easily stay up to date and top of all their projects. With Gantt charts, the user can view the intricacies of a project.


Procore is a cloud-based project management software application which helps the user by creating schedules, tracking projects emails, closing RFIs faster, archiving documents and photos. Manage submittals, change order, daily logs, punch list, and job costing. It can easily be integrated with Sage Timberline Office and MS Project.


Buildertrend is one of the best software for home builders, remodelers and contractors. It is basically designed for construction purpose and has an all-in-one solution by having all the features you need in one construction app.

Wrapping up

Indeed, project management software is bit expensive, but investing in the right project management is something you should need because it can make your tasks and projects easier by combining your project in a quick to use display. It helps a lot by means of saving time and money of companies as well as completes your projects faster and better.

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