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What Can Be Done To Ensure Projects Are Successful?

  • Projects Run into Trouble and Does Anyone Care? Leroy Ward takes a close look at the failed project situation. He reviews the findings of various research projects and offers his thoughts on what can be done.
  • Leveraging Project Portfolio Management to Implement an Effective IT Governance Strategy. With a focus on IT Keith Carlson reminds us that governance is not just about compliance but also ensuring that it has the best possible impact on business. It’s about producing value and managing risk.
  • A Second Look under the Hood of the BA/PM Position Family. In this episode of Bob Wysocki’s series of articles about the relationship between the Business Analyst and Project Manager, he takes a closer look at where they overlap.
  • The Rules of Lean Project Management; Part III. Claude Emond, just back from a trip to the Far East gets back to the blog subject he was discussing before his travels. In this issue: The Expanded Management Team.
  • Now Stop Wasting People’s Time! Wasting no time, Ilya Bogorad races to the point of his blog. In very quick order he gives us five tips to help get the job done and “stop wasting time!”
  • Managing Expectations; the Key to Your Success. In his blog, David Barrett talks about the importance of setting objectives, communicating them, and keeping an eye on the target.
  • Leadership Skills for the Technical Professional. “Over 70% of all technical professionals have to be leaders,” says Richard Lannon in his Webinar.

Along with these articles and blogs and the first of our Webinar series, you’ll find many other features in this Project Times. We hope you’ll check them out and let us know what you think. Contact us at [email protected].

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