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Editor’s Comments

You’ve probably at some time in your career been involved in one or more projects that went off-track although everything seemed fine. And you probably didn’t see the warning signs until the problem arrived. In Early Warning Signs, Mike Stapenhurst provides some pointers that suggest a project may be headed for trouble. But he points out that projects seldom go from success to disaster overnight and highlights some of the early warning signs to look out for over time.

And the good news is that more and more companies are looking for highly competent project managers, the ones that anticipate problems, can spot the warning signs, and take corrective action. Catherine Daw, in her article Take Charge: Manage Your Career, examines what it takes to become an outstanding project manager. It takes a mix of decision-making, team building and business acumen – a blend of skills that takes time and experience to accumulate.

Our bloggers, as usual, offer their distinct views on aspects of the Project Management scene. You may agree with them or you may not – but we (and they) always want to hear your views, so do get in touch.

Also, this month, we’ve revised our poll question format to allow you to answer the question AND speak your mind. Take a look!

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