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Tips to Boost and Influence Your Project Teams Morale

A high level of productivity from your project management team is essential in securing a successful outcome.

If you can keep your team productive and happy, you will see your project thrive. However, it can be difficult for project managers to come up with project management techniques to boost productivity and morale. It is important to try and range of different approaches and see what suits your team best.

Read on to learn more about how you can boost your project team’s morale.

Employee engagement

The key to building a productive project management team is to make sure your employees are engaged in the work. Disengaged employees tend to produce poor work and can bring the rest of the team down. It is never a good idea to ignore disengaged employees, as they have higher rates of absenteeism and turnover, which can impact the course of your project.

Boost employee engagement by improving your overall work culture. Do not micromanage your team, instead, treat each as an equal and give them the chance to manage their time and resources the way they see fit. Over Managing a team can lead to disgruntled employees and poor performance, make sure you are giving your team members some independence when they are at work.

Proving industry training can also help keep your employees engaged in their work. There are many short courses that companies can offer employees for them to upskill. This help employees to feel they are progressing in the company and it helps employers build a stronger team. For example, offer employees the chance to learn project management so that you have an expert team at your hands when you need it.

Offer support and set realistic goals

It’s likely your team’s productivity will start to dip if you are setting them impossible goals to reach. Instead, make sure you are giving them realistic goals and offer plenty of support to them as the work towards them. Be sure to keep an eye out for anyone who looks like they may be struggling or burning out. It is important to make sure you do not burn out your project team, or things will begin to decline.

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Have a chat with employees and let them know you are there to assist them and answer any questions they may have. Make it clear that you expect the best from them, but you do not expect them to take on tasks that they do not feel ready for. Try and offer incentives for reaching goals (e.g., positive feedback) so that your employees know that their work is important and appreciated. This should help increase your team’s productivity and morale.

Allow flexibility

While you may have some deadlines that are non-negotiable, have a chat with your employees on how they would like to plan their time and be open to flexibility. If you have employees who would prefer not to stay back long hours, suggest that they come in during the weekend, so that they can work during the hours they feel most productive.

Be sure to respect that your employees have other commitments as well (e.g., family, socializing, recreational activities) and give them the opportunity to work out a way that they can complete their workload and still enjoy life outside of work.

Gain insight by measuring productivity

Sometimes is can be hard to pinpoint where your levels of productivity are declining within your team. Fortunately, there are many online programs that can help you measure employee productivity (e.g., hub staff) so that you have a better idea of where your attention needs to be focused.

Make sure you use this information wisely, meaning, do not scold an employee who seems to be working less productively, but look at why this may be and try and come up with solutions. Perhaps you are delegated too much/too little work to them, or they may be uninterested in the work that you have given them.

Create a positive company culture

To boost morale, you need to have an overall positive company culture that promotes self-care and employee happiness. If you think your company culture needs a big change, be sure to speak with a member of HR about how you are feeling and how you think things can improve. Employee productivity and morale are essential to building a successful team that produces good results. Make sure you try a range of approaches to boost your project teams morale so that your employees are feeling enthusiastic while they are at work.

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