Author: Hans Eckman

“Learning from the Best” – Bob Prentiss “BOB THE BA”

“Learning from the Best” is a series where I share lessons from some of the best mentors, coaches, and role models I’ve learned from. I hope you will find them inspiring too.

The next person I want to introduce you to in my series of inspiring mentors is Bob Prentiss. Known throughout the PM/BA conference circuit and industry, “Bob the BA” is the leading authority and subject matter expert on business analysis. Bob co-founded The Uncommon League based on the premise “Think, Learn and Work Differently”. Bob and team realized that to change the world, three things were needed: 1. People needed to step up and lead change. 2. People needed the tools and confidence to stand up. 3. To build tools and confidence, people needed access to quality training and coaching. The Uncommon League provides training, webinars, conferences, and coaching to teams and individuals at an affordable and disruptive price point. In the spirit of Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Bob’s life has been a story worthy of a Hallmark movie (a good one, or maybe Netflix series would be better). He possesses an inner strength and willingness to confront and overcome challenges and never giving into them. Forced to leave home as a teenager for being gay, Bob worked multiple jobs before finding his career.

Does anyone really intend to become a business analyst? Many of us woke up one day and realized there is a name for our affliction defined in the BABOK, rather than APA Handbook of Clinical Psychology.

Bob’s intellectual and emotional intelligence helped him advance quickly as a thought leader in business analysis, training, and public speaking. When faced with a moral dilemma, Bob decided to leave his job when he couldn’t change or accept their unethical practices. I believe this was a