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5 Reasons to Consider pmxboard Full Agile Management Board Set for your professional and private life!

1.The first and the only full Agile and Lean Management Set! The most comprehensive Agile Management Set in the world

Everything you would need in order to build your complete Agile process is in one package. There is no other product on the market that you would get and build your entire Agile Board without needing to purchase additional items. The set comes with pre designed but also customizable full magnetic board, which weights just above 6 lbs, and comes with 84 pieces of magnetic cards set in order to build your Kanban, Scrum, or any other type of Lean Board. Moreover, the set comes with accessories such as tripod to locate your board, special magnetic card markers, board markers as well as cleaning sets.

2. Pre designed Full Magnetic Lean Board comes with the set

The special board comes with a beautiful design, it is fully magnetic, high quality and increadibly light! You can snap your magnetic cards anywhere on the board, you can also use it as a white board and write on it. The columns are already created for you however, you can also customize the headlines via using the extra empty headline cards that come with the set, so you do not need to use the pre-defined column headlines if you do not want to.

3. Full Magnetic Agile Management Card Set comes with the set!

The magnetic card set that comes with ore-designed magnetic board has everything in it. The magnetic set consists of below items;

  • 60 Task Cards in three colors to help with grouping (Gray, Green, Yellow). 20 cards of each colors. The Task Cards have designated spaces to write the headline of the task, a bigger space to write down details and also quick recognizable circle on the right bottom either to write task owner’s initials, or due date of the task, ow both.

  • 10 Blocker Cards. Which Lean Board would not need blocker cards? But, pmxboard blocker cards are not only visually distinguisable easily, also you can drop quick notes on it. They spap directly on the board, or even on other magnetic cards. So, it gives great flexibility to identify risky items on the overall board easily.
  • 10 Details Cards. Whenever and wherever you need to capture more details and you need more space, detail cards come in handy. They can be easily paired or stacked with task cards, or can receive blocker cards on themselves.
  • 4 Empty Headline Cards. These headline cards provide great flexibility to customize your board if you need to change the pre-designed headlines on the board. You can easily snap them on the existing headlines on the board, and change the column headline to your specific need.


4. Gives three options to locate your board and your board can be mobile!

One of the things I like most with this set is that the board is not like any standard board on the market which most of them are bulky, difficult to handle, and you have to find a permanent place on a wall to put your board. Unlike these standard boards, because the materials they used on this board (high density EVA) provides great weight advantage, just over 6 lb, it basically gives you the freedom to move your board around easily and make it mobile if you do not want to hang it on a wall, which hanging on a wall is is also an option if you like to. The set comes with a tripod, so you can literally put your board on this tripod and move it around easily, even with one hand because of its leight weight. The magnetic power between the board and the magnetic cards on it are strong enough and they stay intact during normal maneveours.

5. You can use this set over and over for many projects!

All the pieces in this set have gone through realibility tests in order to make sure that they are reusable, and the quality does not downgrade easily over time. You can wash the magnetic cards, clear off completely, same with the board, and they will stay as if they are new. They used eco-friendly UV printing on the products, and it provides the highest quality and durability for this kind of products.

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Clich here to purchase this product on pmxbaord. They deliver worldwide!

5 Reasons KeyedIn is the PPM Software of Choice for Strategic PMOs

KeyedIn is an established PPM software provider that is designed to help PMOs get to the next level of PPM maturity. They do this through software products combined with services offerings that configure to user needs. Rich in functionality in all the critical PPM components – portfolio management, resource planning, project management, dashboards and analytics, and financial management – KeyedIn provides a number of other value-adds that give their customers an edge.

  • Powerful but affordable – KeyedIn is not beholden to a private equity firm that demands growth at the expense of service and sensible pricing. KeyedIn offers the power of a high-priced PPM tool without the high price tag.
  • Software that actually gets adopted – KeyedIn features an easy-to-use interface that drives adoption. Customers like Walgreens-Boots – currently with more than 2,000 users – have consistently cited the solution’s ease of use as a significant benefit.
  • Professional services and customer support that creates a lasting partnership – The KeyedIn services and support team is among the best in the industry. Even industry analyst Gartner, in a recent PPM Magic Quadrant report, acknowledged that “customers give [KeyedIn] high marks for its high levels of personalized customer service and support.”
  • Our vision for Agile Portfolio Management – With the rate of change in business only increasing, KeyedIn pioneered the concept of Agile Portfolio Management, which takes the Agile principles that have improved project execution and applies them to the top-down assessment of portfolio investments.
  • Integrations – As a best-of-breed vendor, KeyedIn understands the need to play nicely with the software and services an organization already has in place – from Agile development tools like Jira to ITSM systems such as Cherwell.


Some product screenshots examples:

  1. Dashboards

Highly configurable, interactive dashboards to answer the questions most relevant to the user.

2. Resource Plan

Analyze resource allocation, availability, utilization, and capacity by department, team, role, project, skill, and availability. Assign resources to work with simple drag-and-drop.

3.      Plan and Manage Projects

Central repository for all project, program, and portfolio information. Fully configurable layout. Content can be personalized to each persona/role and individual.

4. Task Planning, Kanban

Configurable Task Kanban Board allows users to visualize and manage tasks within an agile environment. Drag-and-drop tasks between board columns. Support for agile elements including Tasks, Stories, Features, etc.

5. Risk and Issue Management

Ready to try KeyedIn?

Are you ready to check out KeyedIn for yourself? Download your free trial today!

5 Reasons Why the Top Teams Choose Float for Their Resource Management

For my next “5 Reasons Why…” installment, I am presenting to you Float – the #1 rated tool for resource management on G2. With Float, you can directly integrate with your project management tools like Jira, Asana, WorkflowMax, Trello, QuickBooks, and more. Let’s consider my 5 reasons why…

1.It’s easy-to-use with powerful scheduling capabilities

Scheduling in Float is fast and intuitive. Click anywhere on your schedule to start creating and assigning tasks in seconds. Add repeating tasks and assign them to multiple people in just a few clicks. Make changes fast with a right-click menu and keyboard shortcuts. Integrate with your existing project management tools like Asana, Jira, Teamwork, and more to sync your projects between both.

 2. Get a high-level and accurate view of your team’s capacity

Float makes capacity planning a breeze. Set custom work hours at a team and individual level, import and assign public holidays, schedule time off, and set a status to let your team know where you’re working from (e.g., the beach house or the living room!). Float also, integrates Google and Outlook Calendar, so you can sync events directly to your resource schedule, and/or send Float tasks back to your calendar tool.

3. Create project phases and plan project timelines

Float’s project planning features help you set up your team for success. Plan with precision by breaking down bigger projects into smaller parts with phases. Set a budget for the total project or a phase, and monitor spend in real-time. Add project milestones to keep your team on track, and link tasks together to visualize dependencies and shift timelines quickly.


4. Track your team’s time and compare your project estimates to actuals

Time tracking in Float is simple and easy with pre-filled timesheets based on your work schedule. See the actual time it takes your team to complete tasks and monitor your budgets and project progress in real-time. Powerful reporting lets you compare your project estimates with actuals to accurately forecast your capacity for future projects.

5. Sync directly with your project management and calendar tools and schedule on the go with the Float mobile app

Float’s direct integrations save you time by streamlining your project workflows. Integrate directly with project management tools like Asana, Jira, Trello, Teamwork, WorkflowMax, and QuickBooks. Sync your schedule with Google and Outlook Calendar. Automate reminders and send updates to your team with the Slack Notifications App. Take your schedule on the go with a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Ready to try it?

Are you convinced and ready to give Float a try? Check out all of Float’s integrations and resource management features on their website, and try a free 30-day trial here.

5 reasons why you should choose Twproject

In my next installment of this ongoing “5 Reasons Why…” series I’d like to discuss 5 reasons why you should be checking out Twproject for all of your project management needs whether your projects are traditional waterfall projects or you prescribe to an agile methodology for managing your project. Twproject works with both… which is the first point on my list of 5…

Project Management:  Waterfall or Agile

Different businesses need different planning. And indeed, different projects need different planning. Therefore, Twproject lets you choose the method fitting the best, not forcing you in one way or another. Twproject supports the classic Waterfall method or the Agile one.

There is no single universal answer and each project manager can choose the best method for a given situation. This project management software allows you to create sophisticated Gantt charts or manage tasks through prioritized lists.

In short, Twproject enables you to easily and quickly plan your work, choosing the most fitting project management methodologies, or even mixing them at your own pace. On-going projects will be monitored by complete statistics, allowing you to have a clear idea of your project health. In late phases, bottlenecks, every problem will be identified in time.

Resource and Workload management

The goal of every company is to make more efficient use of resources and reduce waste.

Twproject lets you create all your company structure anche customers to have all of them in one place only. Once your teams are created you can assign them to projects and measure their allocation easily.

Should a resource be under-or over-allocated, this issue will be easily identifiable and with a few clicks, you will be able to correct your planning, generating alerts at the same time as the change.

By ensuring a correct workload distribution, a positive, seamless, and stress-free workflow can be created, contributing to the sustainable future of the organization and keeping employee morale high.


Always up to date with dedicated dashboards and notification

Twproject includes by design a complete security model mapping your company structure. You will always be sure that persons will see only what they are allowed to see. Projects, costs, documents, anything can be secured.

In this software, you can build dedicated dashboards in which you supervise projects’ status and in which resources will be constantly updated on the work to be done, with their relative priorities and deadlines.

With Twproject, the project manager will be able to stay up-to-date at all times.

Moreover, the software includes an internal messaging service through which it is possible to communicate promptly and clearly with the team in general or, if necessary, with an individual member.

A software for PM but also for the team (to-do list and kanban)

The most interesting aspect of this software is that it has been designed to respond to different needs. Needs for PM such those mentioned before like projects structure, statistics, costs, but also for the team that needs to manage the everyday work. Twproject includes a very friendly to-do list attached to project phases that can be prioritized, ordered, managed in a powerful kanban board to help every resource of the team accomplish his own work.

Cost management, document management, and much more (h3)

During a project, it is vital to always keep an eye on budget and cost trends, as during its life cycle, the possibilities of scope creep increase and the likelihood of a project going off the rails becomes quite high.

Twproject provides great aid in this because it allows you to monitor project costs and compare them with planned costs at all times. Twproject not only manages project costs but also resources costs. You can assign a budget to a specific resource and that resource will be able to record his or her personal expenses directly within the system quickly and easily. Twproject lets you also attach documents to your projects, manage chats with the team, meetings, and much more.

Needless to say, when you’re not using project management software, you’re likely wasting a lot of time on small things and accomplishing more work than necessary.

It’s hard to keep track of who’s working on what, cross-team collaboration is inefficient, and it gets lost in emails and other communication tools. Hence, deadlines are missed and customers grow dissatisfied.

Therefore, using the right software is practically a must. Doing so will result in a significant improvement in productivity which, in turn, leads to more profit for your company. High quality in the least amount of time, is what businesses want to achieve.

Call to action

Once you decide to make use of a project management software, it will be wise to use the one that brings you the most benefits among those available on the market, and Twproject is definitely among the best. Twproject streamlines project planning increases workflow efficiency and optimizes collaboration visibility. It also comes with a 15-day free trial for you to personally test its potential. Try it now, you won’t regret it.

5 Reasons to Consider pmxboard Portfolio Management Board Set for your professional and private life

1. The most comprehensive and complete Portfolio Board Kit that captures up to 20 projects & programs on it!

Special design Portfolio Board provides a complete overview of a large portfolio up to 20 projects and programs. You can easily sense overall status of each project on the board from 10 feet and in 3 seconds. 20 separate projects on each line also provide separate status for sub KPIs with color codes. You can even capture main risks, se the priorities, identify project managers, sponsors and portfolio manager.

2. Complete Overview with several sub KPIs on it. You will not miss any important KPI on your board. The board includes below Sections and subsections on it;

Project & Product Introduction

> Priority setting column

> Overall Project Status Indicator (with color magnets)

> Project & Product Name

> Project Lead Name

> Sponsor Name

Milestones & Stages

> Progress bar up to 6 milestones (with color magnets). Milestone names can be customized


> Overall Timeline Status

> Project Start, Project End (Target), Project End (Actual)

> Breakdown for each predefined 6 Milestones; individual status of each milestone (with color magnets), Target and Actual completion dates



> Budget Status (with color magnets)

> Projected Budget

> Actual Budget Spending

Notes & Risks

> Additional Space for notes and risks

3. Ultra Light Full Magnetic Board with two options to locate it

The board is just over 6 lb! A special high density EVA material used to make this board! It is light, nice looking and full magnetic. eco-friendly UV printing keeps the visual aspects and the color quality high. You can keep writing and cleaning this board for long years without realizing and degradation in quality.

The board can be put on a wall or any surface by using two wall mount holes, or alternatively, it can be snapped on another magnetic board easily.

4. You can maximize the visuality of your board with 666 Color Coded Status Indicators that come with the set

Not only the overall project & program status can be color coded in relation to their actual status, you can also color code many sub KPIs to distinguish what is on track and what is not! Moreover, it has 6 staged progress-bar where anybody can see the progress on each project easily without needing to even review any detail at the first glance! You just snap them on the board at the designated spaces! When you need to learn more detail about any reported status on the board, you can do that directly on the board. All milestones’ timelines as well as budget KPIs compare targets to actuals, so you can see easily why any given KPI is red, yellow or green right just on the board!

5. Provides the best tool for the most effective communication across the board.

Regardless you are using this in a small team, as part of a big organization, or at home, it will communicate the right message with everybody from every level. The project team members, management and executives will enjoy the holistic overview in one board and it will improve the communication and transparency dramatically.

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Clich HERE to purchase this product on pmxbaord. They deliver worldwide!