Author: Brad Egeland

5 Reasons Why Saviom is an ideal partner for all your resource management needs

In my next 5 Reasons Why installment, let’s take a look at Saviom software.


Saviom Software is an Australia-based software company and a market leader offering robust and configurable resource management and workforce planning solutions. With over 20 years of experience, Saviom has established its global presence across 50+ countries and helped more than 100 customers achieve their business goals. Some of their esteemed clients include PwC, Fujitsu, Siemens, Honeywell, DHL, Continental, and many others.

Benefits and Features of Saviom Software

1.Reduce Costs significantly

Saviom can help leverage the skillsets of cost-effective global resources across matrix organization boundaries. Its forecasting capabilities reduce unnecessary hiring/firing costs. Saviom also helps minimize deployment of under/over skilled resources on projects.


2.Maximize profitable utilization

Saviom’s powerful forecasting analytics helps you to improve the billable and effective utilization of your workforce. Applying advanced filters, managers can proactively mobilize resources from non-billable or low priority to billable projects. It also enables you to track the estimated vs. actuals and improve the overall forecasting process by aligning it to reality.

3.Manage Pipeline Opportunities

Saviom helps plan for pipeline projects in advance by identifying resource shortfalls/excesses using demand capacity planning. It also allows you to bridge the gap proactively by exploring various resourcing channels. Planning and forecasting future/pipeline opportunities help align the sales and delivery team.

4.Multidimensional resource scheduling

Saviom provides 360-degree visibility of resources across the verticals of geography, functions, domains, and business units of matrix structure organization. Slice and dice allocations and multidimensional scheduling capability ensure appropriate resources are available for suitable projects at the right time and cost.

5.Scenario-based modeling and simulation

What-if analysis, Saviom’s unique feature, helps you get the best possible ROI within existing resource constraints. One can either extend timelines or mobilize resources to a high-priority project before arriving at the best outcome. Accordingly, analyze the impact on resource capacity and utilization and make an informed decision.

Ready to try Saviom? Signup for a free trial or book a demo today.

5 Reasons Why Parabol Should be on Your Project Management Tool Radar

The next segment in my somewhat weekly series on 5 reasons to try many of these project management software and service offerings that you may not be using or even aware of their powerful capabilities, I am featuring Parabol and 5 reasons why you should know about it and give it a try.

Parabol is an agile meeting tool that helps remote teams run guided retrospective, check-in and Sprint Poker meetings. Every meeting includes optional icebreakers, anonymous voting/reflections and space for async discussions. 

When your meeting is over, Parabol follows-up with an automatic summary, which means no more note-taking. Now everyone can be fully present at your meetings.

Parabol takes the burden off facilitators by making it easy for anyone to run a great agile meeting – no matter if you’re a pro facilitator or just starting out.

You Need A Safe Space For Open Discussion

Facilitators need not fear organizing teams around a blank whiteboard. Parabol meetings have a built-in structure that guides you through all the steps of a productive and efficient agile meeting. With more structure comes more dependable meeting outcomes.

But before you jump into the juicy topics of your meeting, you can create a safe space with an optional icebreaker. Built-in questions help get everyone talking and build psychological safety – because if you speak once at the start of a meeting you’re much more likely to speak up again

Connecting as humans makes teams feel safe around each other and sets the stage for a more open conversation. After an icebreaker, your team can feel confident discussing anything together.


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You Want To Have The Right Conversations

Cognitive biases can get an upper-hand over anyone, but Parabol keeps them in check with features that counter bias towards authority and anchoring bias. 

Anonymous reflections in retrospectives and anonymous voting in Sprint Poker make meetings more democratic. Nobody can see another person’s input or be influenced by it. People aren’t able to line up behind the opinions of authority figures. And anonymity gives everyone’s voice equal weight – from the team lead to the new hire. 

brad 2

With anonymity, team members can feel safe raising difficult topics. If you’ve got a spicy situation brewing, a participant can choose to own their reflection: “I wrote that one”. Or not. It’s up to them. Parabol helps teams have important conversations without employees fearing reprisals.

In Parabol retrospectives, the team decides what they want to discuss with a democratic voting process. Every user is assigned a number of votes they can cast on issues they want to discuss most. The issues with the most votes are discussed first. This helps teams focus on having the right conversations.

You Want To Focus On Getting Things Done

We’ve all been in meetings that end without any next steps. They can feel like a complete waste of time. Parabol pushes teams towards action by prompting participants to add follow-up tasks during the meeting and sending automatic meeting summaries.

Integrations with Jira and GitHub help agile teams fit Parabol into existing workflows. So you can create a follow-up task in your Parabol retrospective and send it straight over to Jira! Just like magic! If you’re doing sprint poker estimation, your final estimate will also sync right back to Jira. Parabol’s Slack integration lets your team know when a new meeting has started.


Parabol’s check-in meeting improves team transparency and accountability. Everyone on the team can see the work you’ve been doing so you can chart your progress together. The meeting’s dynamic agenda function lets any team member raise a talking point. This gives team leads and facilitators a quick and transparent way to fix any roadblocks.

You Need A Tool That’s Built For Agile Teams

Parabol is built by agile teams, for agile teams. So it’s optimized to suit the way agile teams work and cover the main meetings in a sprint cycle. 

Try Parabol for yourself by holding a 2-minute retrospective meeting with their simulated colleagues. Click here.

thumbnail Parabol Sprint Poker Lobby

Let’s face it, an online whiteboard tool isn’t enough for structured agile meetings that you need to hold regularly. It can be messy and confusing. And as a facilitator, whiteboards take a lot of time to prepare. With Parabol, you can start a retrospective, Sprint Poker or check-in meeting in seconds. No preparation needed.

Unlike other tools, Parabol covers the lifecycle of agile ceremonies. You can start your sprint estimating stories with Sprint Poker. Then report on progress and unblock each other with check-in meetings. And at the end of your sprint, you can run retrospectives meetings. All in one tool.

You Want To Make Meetings Worth The Time Invested

Too often, meetings don’t feel worth the time invested. And that’s a real shame.

Because meetings are a chance to come together. To share opinions. Chart a path forward together. Bond as a team. And process tensions.

Parabol’s icebreakers add joy and connection to meetings. Anonymity creates a safe and democratic space for contributions. Integrations help you get things done according to your workflow. And automatic meeting summaries help you keep the whole team up to date.

Life’s too short for bad meetings. Try Parabol to make meetings worth the time invested.


Five Ways Leankor’s Enterprise Work and Project Management Solution Transforms Complexity to Profitability

My next installment in this exclusive Project Times series on project management related tools and services looks at Leankor’s offering that promises to make projects more profitable while also making them easier to manage during these remote PM and virtual project teams real world times.

Remote teams. Tighter budget controls. Efficiency mandates. For enterprise organizations already navigating the complexities of large-scale initiatives, 2020 brought further complication with the disruptive effects of a global crisis. And while some degree of the former normal may eventually return, the heightened pandemic-era pressure to accelerate delivery while driving profitability is here to stay—regardless of where teams work.

Fortunately, as the world changed, enterprise organizations have been able to rely on Leankor’s sophisticated enterprise work and project management solution to seamlessly transform operations and combat the challenges that have resulted from this evolution.  With super-charged collaboration features, Leankor’s next-generation solution transforms complex, interconnected workflows and business processes into easy-to-manage plans for faster delivery and profitability. Here are five ways Leankor helps teams do their best work.

Closer Collaboration When Teams Are Farther Apart

While the future of the remote workplace is still evolving, collaboration among distributed teams will always be critical to enterprise work and project management success. According to a December 2020 PwC survey, 87% of employees say the office is important for collaborating with team members. Salesforce research finds 96% of workers believe lack of collaboration is the source of workplace failures.

To bridge the collaboration gap, Leankor’s sophisticated, cloud-based work and project management solution links distributed internal and external teams with full transparency into planning, execution and strategy. For the most complex, large-scale projects, stakeholders must align from kickoff to delivery, and often even as early as the opportunity development stage. That includes not only remote office employees but also contractors, field services teams and even customers. Leankor empowers teams with tools to conduct virtual discussions, brainstorm and quickly solve problems from anywhere.

360-Degree Visibility for Clear Context in Uncertain Times

Remote collaboration requires all team members to have access to the same, updated information for context and effective decision making. When distributed teams can sync and share files in one central location in the cloud, it eliminates disconnected spreadsheets and disparate servers, mitigating the risk of decisions based on the wrong data. Because we live in times marked by uncertainty, the data-driven context and clarity provided by Leankor’s next-level solution help guide individuals, teams and organizations to more certain and better outcomes.

Remote collaboration requires all team members to have access to the same, updated information for context and effective decision making. When distributed teams can sync and share files in one central location in the cloud, it eliminates disconnected spreadsheets and disparate servers, mitigating the risk of decisions based on the wrong data. Because we live in times marked by uncertainty, the data-driven context and clarity provided by Leankor’s next-level solution help guide individuals, teams and organizations to more certain and better outcomes.


Flexible Work Management Aligned to How People Work Best Now

McKinsey research suggests 70 percent of companies use the Agile methodology in some form to run their organizations. But that doesn’t mean Agile-only support is sufficient for effective work and project management. For optimal efficiency, most organizations operate with a variety of methodologies and use hybrid approaches across projects and departments. However, some organizations are still using time intensive, manual approaches to manage their complex projects.

To support the way an organization works best, Leankor allows multiple methodologies to co-exist, including Kanban, Lean, Agile, Gantt, Waterfall, hybrid, pull-planning and others, adapting and translating for streamlined project and risk management. All methods can be interconnected and unified in a virtual platform to communicate with ease, making progress seamless. This can happen even when people are socially distanced in home offices or in clusters of teams in regional satellite locations.

When Agile work methods exist with traditional Gantt project planning processes, Leankor allows organizations to create projects using traditional methods and for work and tasks to be executed at the team level using Agile approaches. This means teams work the way they want from a single system while increasing organization-wide efficiency, control and velocity.

Interconnected Resources to Drive Profitabilityfrom Opportunity to Delivery

When teams, data and customers come together, efficiency translates to profitability. Amid global economic uncertainty, on-time, on-budget has never been more critical, and neither has customer satisfaction and loyalty. For large-scale, long-lasting projects across multiple sites, Leankor can have a direct, positive order-to-cash revenue impact. It’s a user-friendly uber orchestrator, managing interconnected resources, timelines and workflows.

When powerfully integrated with Salesforce applications like Service Cloud, Einstein AI, Community Cloud, CPQ, MuleSoft, Field Service Management, Vlocity, Chatter and QUIP, Leankor goes far beyond traditional project management to become a comprehensive enterprise work management solution, transforming large-scale project complexity into efficiency. And ultimately, that translates into profitability.

Analytics for the Agility to Manage Now and What Comes Next

Leankor’s powerful analytics are designed for users of all technical levels. They empower people to make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle and improve the outcomes of work. From streamlining request-for-proposal (RFP) processes for multi-service-point quotes to enabling customer-centric master dashboards for better customer service and P&L insight, Leankor drives revenue from opportunity to delivery. Individuals meet timelines and budget expectations with robust analytical and reporting features. Executives get visibility into resource allocation and financials to better manage profitability. Teams identify risk with AI, advanced reporting and predictive, next-best actions to eliminate or mitigate costly issues before they occur. Informed decision making throughout project lifecycles provides the agility to manage for project success and long-term organizational success.

A Next-Gen Solution for the New Age of Work and Project Management

The pandemic and resulting global economic crisis have made work and project management especially challenging for organizations across industries and around the globe. But with the right solution to manage people, processes and technology, any organization can drive efficiency that empowers teams to do their best work, keeps stakeholders informed and accelerates delivery. The result is greater profitability across projects and elevated work enterprise-wide. It’s an approach that will help organizations thrive in this crisis and through whatever lies ahead.     

Summary / more about Leankor

Leankor is a highly visual work and project management solution built on the Salesforce Cloud. Designed for the enterprise customer, Leankor helps companies execute complex projects at scale. A transformative solution, it links different styles of methodologies and processes, empowering people to work more effectively. Leankor enables teams to organize, manage, collaborate and deliver better projects, helps decision-makers measure effectiveness, and allows companies to deliver quicker revenue cycles. Leveraging the power of Salesforce, it brings together customer, project, and resource data, extending the Customer 360 vision. Leankor is used by many of the world’s leading brands with focused solutions for industrial enterprises in Manufacturing, Construction, Solar, Energy and B2B Telecom, with additional emphasis on R&D, quality management, product launches and manufacturing for Biotech, Medtech and Pharma.